The Computer Desk

I am sitting down to type on my computer and you come in to the room. It is warm and humid outside but nice and cool in here. I am wearing shorts and a light bright blue tea-shirt. You are wearing a sort sexy sundress. You walk over to me and put your arm over my shoulders and rub my deltoid. I lean into you and run my hands over your hip and into the small of your back, letting my fingers rub your back muscles and pulling you closer. You press your body against my side and I take my other hand and pull you tight against me, rubbing my face just below your breasts. As I do this you take your other hand and run it down my chest, feeling the muscles and rubbing your hand over them. In response I turn into your body and run my hands up and down your back, letting my fingers slide over your butt and down to your thighs. I explore the insides of your legs letting your dress ride up as my hands come up. As we continue this I discover that you are not wearing your braw or underwear. I feel myself getting hard in response to your sexy body and I hear your breathing picking up and deepening. As I feel the smoothness of your skin between your legs, never touching your sex, I softly rub my chin and mouth over your breasts: I watch then grow hard and tight. As I do this, feeling you pulling my head harder into your chest as you seek more stimulation. I lightly brush my hand through your pubic hair not touching you but pulling your attention to the wetness developing there. Your hands get more desperate, you run them through my hair and down, pulling my shirt off over my head. I move the keyboard out of the way and slide my chair back, pulling your dress up to your hips and setting you down on the desk. I kneel down, running my hands over your body from you face all the way down over your neck, breasts, down your sides, down your thighs and back up, teasing your sex, watching your lips open up as they swell and turn dark. Your breathing is getting raged, my hard-on is pulsing. I want to take you but instead I squat down, running my tongue over your inner lips that are sticking out with the great excitement that you're feeling. You spread your legs wider and reach down and pull my head into you. I lick your clitoris and you roll your hips as you whimper in pleasure. I keep running my tongue over your lips playing with your clitoris, long teasing licks, fallowed by fast staccato flicks of your clit. You are squirming and sighing, unable to control your self. You try and pull me up to fuck you but I just keep teasing you, playing you higher and higher. I hear you moaning and your body tensing. I blast your clit with soft licks and suck you into my lips. I run my tongue over your whole sex and back to your clit, your body convulses and you dig your fingers into my shoulders, crying out. I keep going getting lighter and lighter sending you deeper into ecstasy. As you start to peek a second time I swiftly stand up and drive my cock deeply into your soaking wetness. You pull your body against mine, moaning with pleasure. I can feel your hot wet flesh surrounding me, I kiss you deeply sliding in and out of you, our bodies are getting higher and higher. We keep moving with each other pumping ourselves, feeling the bliss of pure sex, feeling nothing but the pleasures of our bodies moving, rubbing, fucking. I feel you tensing even more and panting loader, I feel the burning pain of ecstasy, I feel the hot liquid bursting out of me as you grunt and sigh and ram your body harder against mine, coming. My come bursting out and filling you with hot sensations of pleasure. Slowly we calm down. Our bodies letting go of the peak, our minds returning from the valleys of pure sex to the mountains of pure love. I feel my cock slowly sliding in and out of you just enough to saver the feels of moments before. I kiss your face and pull you tight. You tell me that you love me and I kiss your neck, feeling you relax into my body, holding me.

Copyright (c) 2000 by XOXOXO Romance.

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