Stormy Weather

They walked slowly back from town.  Their campsite was about a mile, or maybe two, down the dusty road.  He was carrying a large wicker basket over his back, containing all of HER purchases, although as she pointed out, some of the fabric was for HIS clothing, so it was really full of THEIR purchases.  Their household had camped far away from others, preferring the privacy of the gently sloping meadows to the steep hills near the lake or the flat dustiness of the more crowded areas.  It was a very warm summer day, with not a breeze moving the leaves on the trees.  Most of the day had been sunny, but they could see the clouds rolling in and both knew that a late afternoon thunderstorm was a possibility.  They had discussed it, and decided to head back to camp to rest before the evening festivities of the event.

They chatted about who they had seen, and garb that they admired, and who was with who, and where there would be a party that evening.  He was glad that the real fighting hadn’t begun yet, so that he could enjoy himself without the bruises and inevitable soreness that came after a long day of thrust and parry.  Although, he reflected as he glanced at her curving figure, he had some most delectable thoughts of thrusting and parrying in a completely different manner.  “Make love, not war” was a wonderful slogan, he smirked to himself.

The sun disappeared, and a sudden wind shook the trees.

“We had better batten down the hatches, my sweet,” he told her as they saw the flurry of activity in the campsites they passed.  “Maybe the rain will cool things off.”

She smiled at him, hot in her long gown.  “I sure hope so, hon.  I am DYING!  I can’t wait for a cool shower.”

He arched one eyebrow at her.  “A shower, eh?  Think there will be enough water for two?” he asked her in a suggestive tone.

Her laughter rang out, drawing glances from a few people they passed.  “Only if we share.  Only if we share!”

They trudged into camp just as the first drops started to fall.  They were the huge raindrops that seem to fall only in the summertime.  The ones that seemed to cover whole inches at a time when they splattered on the ground.  They rapidly picked up their pace, and she yelled at him to put their purchases away before they got ruined.

“Hello?   Hello?  Anyone here?” he called out to see if the other members of the household were in camp.  Silence met his hails, and he quickly dropped the shopping basket in their pavilion and joined her in darting from tent to tent, pulling down flaps and securing them against the wind that was gusting rather strongly.

All of a sudden, the heavens seemed to open up and a veritable downpour started.  She couldn’t help the shriek that escaped her lips as she felt the rain penetrate her coarse linen gown.  It wasn’t that she was cold, it was just the suddenness of the wet.

She looked over at him as she tied down the last of their pavilions and saw him standing there, his blond hair plastered to his head and his short tunic sticking to him like a second skin.  He walked slowly over to where she stood, and she laughed at him.

“What are YOU laughing at?” he asked her with mock anger, as he crossed his arms over his chest and surveyed her figure.

She just smiled beatifically at him.  He stopped about three feet away from her and enjoyed the view.  Her gown had molded itself delightfully to her figure, accentuating the magnificent breasts and abundant hips that he admired so much.  Her thick hair was longer than normal, since it was wet, and it hung down her back almost to her waist.  He felt a wondrous feeling of love swell inside him as he looked into her dancing brown eyes.

She just gazed back at him, knowing that this was a precious moment.  They were completely in tune.  Well, she corrected herself, they were completely SOAKED, actually.  She took the two steps that brought her directly in front of him and said softly, “I guess we are alone, huh?”

He smiled down at her.  “It does seem that way.  And I have this feeling no one is going to go walking through this downpour.  They will probably stay wherever they are right now.”

Simultaneously they leaned together and kissed.  The soft sweet kiss of true love.  Their lips and tongues caressed each other’s mouths and he moaned at almost exactly the same moment that a low purr came from her.

He pulled her against him tightly, so that he could feel the softness of her curves against the hardness of his body.  He wound his hands through her hair and tilted her head back so that he could lick and kiss her jawline back to her ear.  The rain continued to fall, although neither of them paid any attention, concentrating instead on the feelings generated by their touches.

He sucked gently at her throat, feeling her pulse racing.  He enjoyed feeling her squirming in his arms, and he tightened his grasp on her, immobilizing her body so that she couldn’t wriggle away from him. 

She lost herself in the feelings he was generating in her body.  Every time they made love it seemed better, and the pleasure she felt seemed greater.  The rest of the world receded, and she reveled in the rain falling on the outside of their overheated bodies and the heat that was rising within.

He licked back up to her ear.  “I love you,” he breathed softly, and he knew that he would never feel this way about any other woman again.  She was every bit his equal...intelligent, adventurous, sensitive, humorous, educated, and the passion that she aroused in him was overwhelming.

She smiled as she pulled slightly away from him and gazed into his gray-blue eyes.  “I do, you know.  I DO,” he repeated.  She knew that he meant it.   She had doubted him before, but his actions had gradually convinced her that he did, for some amazing and unknown reason, love her.  Almost as much as she loved him.

“I know.  I know,” she told him.  “I love you too,” she whispered as she kissed his nose.


The loud thunderclap made both of them jump, especially as they were in the middle of a soft and tender moment.

The heat of the summer’s day had given rise to a flash thunderstorm on top of the downpour.  They both looked up and around and saw an occasional bolt of lightning that accompanied the booms of the storm.  Dusk was approaching very rapidly, due to the clouds, and she sighed and drew herself out of his arms.

He held her hand as they stood and watched, feeling safe enough with the trees and taller pavilions around them.  They were soaked through to the skin, so the rain was of no account, but the storm was wonderful to watch.

Suddenly she pulled her hand out of his.  She slapped him lightly against the back of his head and yelled “Tag!  You’re IT!”  and she darted away while her words sunk in.

He grinned and ran after her.  “I’m gonna get you!” he called after her, and heard her infectious laughter trail back towards him.

He had just about caught up to her and reached out to grab her when she suddenly turned and bolted around one of the household pavilions.  He slipped a bit in the wet grass but caught himself and turned after her, just catching sight of her wet dun-colored skirt as she slipped around another corner.

“You can run, but you cannot hide,” he called.  He chased after her, laughing as he did so.  They were like two kids, playing in the rain. 

She jumped through a couple of puddles, figuring that there is only so wet you can get, after all, so why not enjoy it?!  She wondered where her was, as she glanced back and didn’t see him anywhere.

She stepped around another corner, right into his arms.  “Gotcha!”  he gloated.  “Your turn.  IT!”  And he turned and took off.

She cried after him, “That’s not fair!  I didn’t see you coming.  C’mon.”  But she was smiling as she complained.  They wove in and out of the tents in the campsite, and chased each other around the fire pit. 

Finally, winded, she conceded.  She sat down in the matted down grass near the center of the camp.  “Ok.  OK, you WIN!”  she called out to him, and waited for him to appear.  He didn’t and she called again.  “Honey.  I said you WIN.  You can come out now.”  But still, he didn’t show himself.

She grew a little bit worried and rose to her feet.  “Where are you?  Come ON.  I am getting scared now.”  She walked slowly around the site, peeking down alleys and behind pavilions.  She called his name a few times.  Her agitation level rose, and all of a sudden, even the thunder grew a bit scary.

She screamed as a pair of hands grabbed her from behind.  They quickly wrapped themselves around her body, and she felt his lips pull her hair out of the way and begin to nuzzle at her neck.  “You look so beautiful when you are mad,” he teased her.

She struggled in his grasp.  “Then I must look pretty damn amazing right now, because you scared me.  I thought you fell and hurt yourself or something.”

His hands cupped her breasts, massaging them as he sank his teeth into her neck, lightly nibbling her like he knew she loved. 

“Oh,” she breathed, feeling her anger evaporate as the delicious feelings inside her body began to swell again.

He found her nipples and pulled on them, feeling them swell to his touch.  Her tits weren’t the only thing starting to harden, he thought as he ground his semi-hard cock into her bottom.  Even through the layers of clothing, he loved the feeling of her ass against him.  He groaned and he twisted her nipples in his passion, knowing that she enjoyed the sensations as much as he did.

The rain poured down their bodies and the thunder continued to boom from time to time as they stood there.  He turned her around to face him, and her hand immediately fell to the hem of his tunic, slipping underneath to touch him.  She looked into his eyes as she found his cock.  “Regimental, dear?”  she teased him, “You know, with how short that tunic is, you should be glad I didn’t make you bend over to look at anything in the marketplace.  Then again, I know how much you love it when women look at you.  But you are mine.  Don’t forget that.”

“Yes my lady,” he responded, reveling in the touch of her fingers on his hardness.  “Just don’t YOU forget.  You are MY lady.  Mine.”  And their mouths met in a kiss that sealed the possession of each other’s souls.

His hands left her breasts and he began to pull her heavy skirts up so that he could touch her.  As the skirt rose above her knees, he inhaled and he thought he could smell her arousal.  One hand held her dress up and the other zeroed in on her pussy.  He stopped kissing her for a moment as he touched her.  “Oho, I guess I wasn’t the ONLY one who decided to go without today, was I?”

She almost felt herself blush, or maybe it was just the feeling of his fingers on her vulva that sent the heat rushing to her cheeks.  “Well,” she stammered, “I guess... well... My skirts are so long, and I kinda figured that it would be cooler.”

He smirked at her.  “No, feels pretty hot down here,” he told her as he watched her face register the sensation of his fingers dipping into her crevices.  “In fact, its not only HOT, but its wet as well.”  Her eyes darkened even more as he watched.  She looked so sensual when they were making love.  He couldn’t believe that he had been lucky enough to find a woman who responded to his every touch with such fervor.

He gasped as her fingernails ran up the length of his shaft, and it was her turn to enjoy the expressions on his face.  His eyes were half-closed with passion and his mouth opened as he moaned.  She pulled on his prick with one hand, and then extended her other to cup and cradle his balls.  The wetness at the tip of his cock was quickly scooped up by her finger, and she put it in her mouth and sucked it off.  “Mmmmmm, a taste....” she teased him.

He groaned at the sight of her mouth and he leaned down and kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue in her mouth.  He got a slight flavor of his pre-cum, and he felt the twinge race down his spine.  He always felt slightly embarrassed about it, but he kind of enjoyed licking his taste out of her mouth.  Of course, it was always better when he sucked her pussy after he came inside her.  The mixture of their juices was unique and quite arousing to him.  Usually, just eating her afterwards was enough to get him hard again for round two.

She pulled away from him, “Now.  I want you inside me now.”

He smiled and they sank to the wet grass, oblivious to the rain that still fell around them.  He started to push her back, but she stopped him.  “No.  I want to be on top.  I want to feel you as deep inside me as you can be.  I want all of you.  I want to feel you stretch my pussy around you.  I want to feel you touch my cervix.  I want you rubbing against my clit.  I want to come with you inside me, and then, I want to feel you come deep inside me,” she continued.  It was one of the most erotic things he thought he had ever heard.  But then, EVERY time they made love he thought she sounded more erotic than the last.

He easily lay back in the grass, pulling his tunic up so that his bare ass was against the damp, his cock pointing toward his stomach.  “Yes.  I want to be inside you now.  Make me come inside you, my love.  I want to fill you up.”

She straddled him, and pulled her long gown up to her waist.  She lifted his prick up so that pointed up in the air, “Such a pretty penis.  I love your cock.”  And she lowered herself to him, dragging his cock back and forth over the heat and wetness of her slit, and rubbing it gently against her sensitive clit.  She nestled it against her opening, and then sank slowly down on the pillar of flesh as they groaned simultaneously.

Once he was fully inside her, she stopped and just sat there, enjoying the feeling of his hardness against her softness.  She slowly flexed her inner muscles, massaging his cock without moving an inch, and watching his face as he looked deep into her eyes.  “Watch me.  Keep looking into my eyes.  I want to SEE how good you feel,” she told him as her eyes caressed his handsome features.  She reveled in the knowledge that she was the one who could bring him such pleasure. 

Slowly, she began to raise and lower herself on him.  She lifted herself till just the head of his cock was inside her, and then impaled herself on him again.  She rode him slowly at first, and they both gloried in the feelings engendered by their joining.  They murmured love words to each other, mixed with occasional obscenities as the ability to phrase sentences diminished.  She picked up speed and the force of her thrusts down as he bucked his hips up into her.  She could feel her clit being agitated every time he bottomed out deep inside her, and she knew she wasn’t going to last very long before coming.

He looked into her eyes as she requested, and was thrilled by the look on her face as she got closer and closer to orgasm.  He could feel the telltale tensing in her pussy that was always the precursor to the spasms that brought her to ecstasy.  He reached his hand down and tweaked her pleasure button, rubbing his thumb over it and enjoying the sudden spasm that ran through her pussy, massaging his throbbing cock.  Her eyes started to close, and he admonished her.  “No.  Look into MY eyes, my love.  I want you to look in my eyes as you come.  I love watching you come.”

She pulled her eyelids open, and stared into his beautiful eyes with hers.  She struggled hard not to close them as she felt him take her clit between his thumb and forefinger and roll it.  She practically screamed with the pleasure, only controlling herself because she knew there COULD be others within hearing distance, and it wasn’t quite dark yet, despite the storm.

He knew she was close, and he was about to explode himself.  “Come for me, baby.  Come for me.....NOW,” he commanded as he pulled on her clit one last time.  He was rewarded by her cry of rapture as he felt her pussy constrict around him with her climax.

He couldn’t hold out any longer, and he felt his balls practically melt as the semen ran up his cock and spurted deep inside her tunnel.  He roared from deep inside his soul. 

She shook as she continued to orgasm, but she could feel the pulsing of his cock as he came.  They both stared deep into each other’s eyes as they felt the ecstasy that only true love-making could bring.

Finally, she collapsed on top of him, and the rain continued to fall on their overheated bodies.  He wondered if she had the same feeling he did, and then he knew she did, because she raised up, looked at him, and said, “If its a girl, we are NOT naming her Stormy!”

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