Stranded on Maui

They had come and gone taking all the worlds large oil deposits with them. We had been bold and na´ve exploring space, thinking that we where safe and every thing out there was incapable of harming us. But we were wrong! At the time that they came I was on vacation on Maui with my new girlfriend Amber. We where studying medicine at a well known private University called Bastyr and had taken the summer off to rest our brains. After they attacked no flights where taking off or landing on Maui. It was lucky for us that we were on Maui as there was nothing that they wanted here; so they did not waste there time killing everything on the islands. Life on the island before the invasion was focussed around three main things tourism and export of sugar and pineapple. The war ended all that as there was no oil for the planes and ships and a large portion of the worlds population had died from the war. The people of earth did not die the way you would have imagined, with alien death rays, but from the total shutdown of transportation, food production and medicine. The major industries had to close down and with them most of the worlds economize. The people did not start attacking each other but as with all disasters came closer together as they helped each other out. It was lucky for some that hydro and nuclear power still worked but it was only used for emergencies now and to maintain the technologies earned . On Maui it was different. Maui has one power station and it burns hydrocarbons. It was shut down. That left us on Maui with huge fields of sugar cane and pineapple to eat plus all the fish you could ask for and a lot of dead cars. We were not going to starve and we were not going to be cold but we where all now stranded in a land that needed to be reworked. When Amber and I first heard about the end of war (if you could call it that, we never did kill any of them and it only lasted a few weeks) we decided to take the free farm land that was being given out and start a large garden of taro and sweet potatoes, traditional crops of the island. We also had mangos, bananas, papaya, and mountain apples growing on our land and near our house. We were lucky, they gave us some land near Keanae within a mile of a nice undeveloped beach. The 10 acres was on a very steep slope with a stream running down one of the boarders and a few acres of flatland by a dirt road. We had to terrace it to make space for the plants to grow and we build our hut on the flat spot. Life was good. We worked on the garden 5 hours a day 7 days a week but then had lots of time to go and play in the waves, fish and explore our new homeland. One day while walking down the beach we came upon one of the many mango trees and Amber said "Douglas come here and look at this lava tube it has a great hotspring in it!" I walked over and looked in the cave with her. The cave was as large as a racket ball court with a small entrance hole and a hole in the roof that let in just enough light to see by. The cave was warm and wet and smelled just a little like sulfur. The walls of the cave were the gray-black of lava with a rough sharp sand paper surface. Growing on most of the walls were green vines and mosses, giving the cave a very nice welcoming feel. Taking up most of the cave was a large pond with lots of boulders in it and steam boiling of the surface. We sat down by the edge of the pool and I stuck my finger in the clear blue water to see how hot it was. I felt like it was about 28 degrees which was just perfect as there was a strong breeze blowing through the cave: every were on the island seemed to have wind. I looked at her and said "Do you want to get in?" She said, "Sure, I'd love to", with that knowing smile on her lips. She was wearing a white light cotton blouse with that billowy Indian kind of look and a bright yellow sari with beautiful red and orange flowers painted on it. She stood up and looking at me started to slowly unbutton the blouse. I was transfixed as first the edges of her breasts came into view followed by her perfect stomach. Her skin was the color of almonds and that made the colors of her hazel eyes and light brown hair stand out. I watch her hair as if fell away from the blouse. She looked like a princes as she stood there without her top, bending down to unwrap the yellow sari. Every time I look at her I want her and I feel a serge of my heart. I wanted her now but it was not to be just yet as she stepped out into the hot water letting out a sigh of relaxation. It was now my turn and that was not nearly as entertaining for her as all I had on was my new hemp shorts and a pair of cowhide sandals. I quickly removed them, placing them with her clothes and stepped into the water. It felt very hot! I am always amazed at how quickly she gets into steaming hot water. I walked over to her the water was just above my knees. She reached up and ran her soft hands over my stomach and down my hips gently pulling me down into the water with her. The bottom was kind of sandy with a sticky muddy feeling mixed in. I could feel it oozing between my toes. As I sat down next to her she leaned her head against my chest and I moved back to lean against one of the rocks. It was wonderful to be here with her, our life was to be to go back to Seattle and work for the next ten years like mad men to pay back all our school debts but now all that was forgotten, all we had to do was survive and this was the place to do it. As I sat there I asked her, "How do you like our new life so far?" She replied, "I love the glass house and I love our garden but I would really like to get back to helping heal people." I said, " Me too. I miss the challenges of diagnosing the patents and all new and unusual people that I used to meet. It's kind of boring in a way, living here.", Ya it is for me too"," I think we should start up a practice here on the island.", "Yes that sounds good but who would walk all the way out here and what would we use for tools and medicine?" said Amber. "For my art I know that they used to use fish bones and god knows we have lots of those around here. Maybe tomorrow we should sail into Kahului and go to the library to do research" said Douglas. Amber replied "That would be fun and I could look up what plants the locals used to collect. I am sure that I could adapt it to my Naturopathic system." "That sound like a great idea. And while we are out there we can put up some adds, talk to everyone at the coffee house and sell some produce at the swapmeet" said Douglas Feeling happy with our new plans I place my hand on her neck pulling her head up to kiss her on the lips. She tasted of mangos and felt very soft and warm. As I kissed her she ran her tongue around my mouth and turned to press her breasts against my chest, running her hands over my sides and down my thighs. I rapped my arm around her ribs pulling her closer, feeling her run her finger nails up the inside of my thigh and then lightly up the shaft of my penis, pausing to softly play with the head. As she did this I felt shivers of pleasure running down to my feet. I kissed her deeply running my hands over her dripping wet breasts, playing with the nipples. I gently took each one and messaged it feeling her excitement build and her breathing quicken. As she continued playing with the head of my penis and running her hands over my chest and stomach, I slowly ran my fingers down her breasts, over her tummy and down to her pubic hair. I stopped there playing with the hair pulling and pressing, letting the skin tug at her most sensitive parts. As I continued to do this I started to run my fingers down her crack running one finger over her clitoris. She let out a soft deep moan and started biting my neck and ear. I could tell she was getting hotter than I had seen her in a while. "Want to get out" I said? "YES" she said with a soft deep yearning voice. We walked over to the edge and found a soft place where the light and water had made the moss grow into a deep lush carpet. It looked perfect. I crawled out of the water feeling very hard and excited. The moss was very soft and very deep but it held my wait. I stretched out on it and found it to also be very warm and wet from the spring. As I was laying there Amber climbed out too, stretching her body out next to mine. "Oh, this is the best outdoor bed I have ever felt" Amber said as she snuggled in next to me, placing her knee over my legs and pulling me over on top of her. I looked into her eyes. She was looking better than ever, every muscle in both of our bodies was getting a huge workout with gardening and swimming and walking every day. When I first met her both of us were out of shape from 60 hours a week of study and almost no exercise. It was a joke of the school that you spent years learning how to make others healthy while killing your self with coffee, turbo cookies and tests. We were both feeling great and all I wanted at this moment was to pull our bodies into union. As I stared into her eyes I kissed her and slid my legs between hers, feeling the dampness of her stomach on mine. With the head of my penis I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. I could smell the fresh sent of her excitement. I wanted her badly but why hurry? She was running her hands all over my body, pulling my hips down to meet hers. I could feel myself sliding up and down her wet lips, at the bottom the head would just start to slide in making her arch up and grown out load, her voice echoing around the cavern. I was at the end, my mind blanking out with passion as she pressed herself around my cock. I could feel it, hot wet and slippery, slipping into her. She felt very tight and very wet as I entered her, sliding slowly deeply into her, I let out a groan of pleasure. It felt so good that I could not even think about it. I just was compelled to slide back out and in again feeling the head of my cock sliding over her cervix. Her breath was coming in gasps as was mine, our bodies rocking in unison our minds lost to the pleasures of the moments. I could feel her pulsing inside, the flesh messaging me, her back arching up to meet my thrust. The sensations were pushing me over the edge as she grabbed my butt with her fingernails, pulling me deeply into her, her whole body shivering her mouth pressed hard against mine. My orgasm started in response, pumping and pulsing, pleasure so strong that all I could do was hold on and slide even deeper and faster into her with each pulse. We lay there shivering arm in arm on the soft mat of moss. The aftershocks of our orgasm shooting through our bodies, sweat running off us as the cool breeze wafted over our bodies. I looked into her eyes, "I love you and I am so happy that we ended up here together", hugging me tightly she said "I love you to and I can not wait to get started on our project tomorrow!" We walked back home hand in hand talking about what to take to town for the Saturday swap-meet. Getting up early Saturday morning before sunrise, it was a great day. The wind was fast and the sky was clear. We packed our catamaran with water and food plus about 200 pounds of sweet-potatoes from our garden and a big bunch of bananas.

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