The Fire

It is cold and windy with a heavy fine mist of rain blowing sideways. The house is quiet, you are cuddled up against me to stay warm and relaxed in front of the fire. I can feel the warmth of the soft skin of your back against my chest. I feel your breathing with my arms that are wrapped around your body as I lightly run my fingers over you stomach and breasts, feeling the softness. I snuggle closer as your breathing picks up and bite the back of your neck, playing with your ear and rubbing your sides and thigh with my hand. As I play with you I am getting harder so I take my cock and place it between your thighs so that it is in a more comfortable position. I can feel the hot moisture building up between your legs as you press yourself back against my hardness; it softly slides over your clit and labia getting wet and slick. The soft slick feeling sends shudders through my body as I feel the head of my cock being rubbed by your silky flesh. I want to grab you and slide myself deep inside you as fast as possible but I hold back and feel the overwhelming feeling of you on my cock. We continue this way for some time with my fingers sliding over your body and down between your legs, rubbing your body, messaging your breasts and running my fingers over your lips. I feel you getting restless wanting more. I hold your hand over you head and run my fingers down your arm, over your armpit and onto your breasts. Your breathing comes in gasps and I continue down to your clitoris rubbing it lightly as my cock plays over your opening getting ready to penetrate you. As I play you reach back over and turn to kiss me on the lips. I hold your head and take in your kiss, pressing our bodies together. After the kiss I pull my body apart from yours and roll you over onto your back, climbing on top of you. You bend your knees up and wrap you legs around my legs as I glide my hard wet cock slowly into you. I feel your body shudder as I lower my weight onto you. We begin to kiss and move our bodies together as we melt into each others eyes. I can feel the walls of your vagina fill out and the clamping around the base of my cock as your cervix rubs the head of my cock. You reach down and grasp my butt as your movements get more desperate. Your breathing is coming in gasps and your moaning with each thrust getting harder and faster. You can feel me tensing as I begin to come and your body is right their with mine feeling the first waves of your orgasm running from your head to your toes and bursting in your heart and head. I feel the hot liquid bursting forth and into you, your body shuddering under me as you grab and claw at my body loosing yourself in the feeling of my cock coming into you and my hot body pressing into you, pumping with all the feelings I have for you. The waves just keep flowing over us as we slowly come back down, feeling the last shudders of our love bursting over our bodies. I lay on top of you for some time, kissing you and feeling the small aftershocks of orgasm. First my body shudders and then your in answer send us lightly over the edge once more. As we lay there I think of how much fun you are to be with I start thinking about how I am going to get your body back into that hot desperate state as soon as possible. We lay there and cuddle some more till it we feel the need to get up and eat, drink and get ready for another wonderful excursion into each other in front of the fire.

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