Kauai Beach

We pulled into the small parking lot at the end of a little road off the main road of Kauai. Running free in a little field on one side is a magnificent black stallion. On the other side a wall of tropical trees with dripping ripe papayas and fragrant passion fruits. Between them winds a steep winding path to the ocean. Brandi and I had been on the island for 3 days hiking, camping and snorkeling and now we were on our way to small private nudists beach for a few days.

Brandi was 5’ 10’ with long dark hair and beautiful brown eyes and a great modern dancers body. We had met 6 months before in Seattle at a computer conference. She was a personnel officer for a large company out to see whom she could steal from Microsoft. We first saw each other in a booth selling virtual reality software for previewing exotic trips. We started talking about how nothing could compare to real life and I jokingly said that I could prove it to her if she liked.  Much to my amazement she said, OK, where would you like to take me? I have a few weeks off after this! I could not believe my ears! She was beautiful and smart too.  Nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

After we got out of the car, I helped her put on her pack and she helped me with mine. We were taking our camping gear and food down to the beach. As we walked down the long path, I could smell the fruit in the trees and the beach at the end of the path. I could hear the waves breaking on the beach and on the rocks too. As we walked in silence, I noticed the plants along the path. They looked like some scene from a dinosaur movie with palm trees, vines and giant ferns. The path was wonderful with all the jungle like growth but the view walking behind Brandi was even better.

            About halfway down the steep path she stopped to pick a rainbow like flower. She captured my attention as she bent down to pick the flower. She was wearing nothing but a small red bikini. As she moved I watch the way here butt muscles moved under the soft tight fabric and how her breasts went from their perky position on her chest to the sexy view of them hanging like they do doggie style. Watching this was getting me hot, remembering last night and knowing what was going to happen tonight. She place the flower in her hair over her ear and looked like one of the women off of a tourist brochure.

The path came out into a golden yellow beach about 1 kilometer long and 100 wide. In the middle was a small string of ponds going from the sea up to the base of 80-meter tall volcanic cliff with small trees and vines growing on it and a wonderful little waterfall that poured like a huge bathroom shower into the first of the small blue ponds in the sand. As was the way of this beach, I watched as she removed the bikini. First the top, exposing her sexy dark nipples and then the bottoms. I could feel myself getting hard as I watched her brown bush being freed from its confines. As I  felt myself getting hard I realized that I was about to take off my swimsuit too. Not being used to this nudists stuff and being scared to let the others on the beach see what was growing, it swiftly shrank to its normal resting size as I removed my shorts.

We made camp at the base of the cliff in the sort trees along the base of the cliff and made a delicious dinner with the local fruit from the trees and carrots and rice from the local store. As we sat there eating, the sun started to go down. It was a beautiful sunset with small wispy clouds turning first bright red and then dark as the sun set in a blasé of red and blue.

As I watch the sun go down my thoughts turned once again to her sexy body. I could see the shadows of the last light as they outlined her breasts and hips. As I looked, I once again felt myself getting hard. This time I was not scared as it was getting dark and we only had a few neighbors and they where a long ways down the beach. She could feel me watching her and turned to look at me. First, she looked into my eyes and then her eyes trailed down my body to my growing manhood where they settled. I walked up to her, took her hand and started to walk towards the water. The waves were small but made a lot of noise as they crashed onto the beach. Once we got to the edge with the warm water about our feet, I pulled her close and placed my lips over hers. She melted into me and wrapped one leg around my calf. I could feel the heat from between her legs as she pressed into me, my cock finding the space between her legs. My tongue and hers became one as we kissed. I let my lips trail over her lips and face as she presser closer to me.

I started to nibble on her neck and in return, she playfully bit my neck and ear, sending fire down my body and into the head of my cock. I started to kiss my way down her body first to her nipples where I lingered and toyed causing her to catch her breath with a small moan. I liked my way down to her soft-flat belly running my tongue into her belly button and down to the soft flesh of her upper thighs. Her knees trembled as she fought to maintain control of them with passion quivering in her body. Slowly I worked my way closer to her inner lips teasing her, her hands on my head trying to force me to go closer and deeper. I stood back up and kissed her deeply feeling my cock slide back between her hot legs. This time she was dripping wet and I started to slowly run the head of my cock over the lips of her. Feeling the rush of pleasure as it slid back and fourth getting closer and closer to sliding into her. Her hands getting tense as she desperately pulls me closer, tension shooting through her body as she feels the head of my cock rubbing over her clit and back down to the door way of her pleasure. With one wet quick thrust, I enter her, feeling the wet silk like enclosure of her. She feels like silk as I glide in and out, her breathing rasping in my ear, her body shuddering with each stroke of my hard penis. Slowly the tempo building till our bodies are pounding into each other like the surf pounding on the beach. A cooling breeze blowing away the heat of the day keeping our bodies at just the right temperature. I feel her closing tighter on me sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body. I know from the ways she is softly moaning and rubbing her breasts on my chest and her inner muscles are throbbing on my cock that she is near the end. My body responds to hers I can feel my balls growing tight and the head of my cock rubbing the bottom of her, sending throbbing pleasures into my feet and into my mind. I feel her tense up even move and dig her nails into my back as my cock begins to pulse with orgasmic pleasure. Her body begins to shake and tremble and her eyes roll up as my cock slides in and out for a few more mind-blowing strokes, her body suddenly relaxes as we come down from our high. Slowly we stand together watching the waves and feeling our bodies with our hands. Almost unable to tell where I stop and she starts. I look into her eyes and tell her that she is the best woman I have ever been with and I hope that our love grows more and more as is already has on this dream like trip.

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