Crab Head Nebula Outpost

We were out past the Crab Head Nebula on a mission to set up some new boarder sensors. It had been a long time since the last war but we would never again assume that we where the biggest, baddest things in the universe. To survive you need to be invisible until you are sure that they are weaker than you are. They had come in force and taken what they wanted; the oil. We could not even see their ships at first. But now our ship was out here to fix that.

Our ship was small, by the standards of interstellar vessels, but because of the size of the cooling skins for the engines it was still over 1000 meters long and mostly empty space. The crew consisted of 30 people. Six to fly it, six more to keep it running and eighteen more to cook, clean and perform the mission. I was trained in three different jobs, as were all the members of the crew. I had four years for my main job of robotic neural networks specialist, two years of courses to learn how to navigate and two weeks to learn how to cook and clean. Everyone on the ship was trained this way; we could lose two thirds of the crew and still get home.

One of the best perks of the job was that everyone on the ship had been through six months of quarantine and psychological testing; we had no transmittable diseases and no traits that could interfere with the mission. We were all about twenty to thirty-five years old and single. The rules were that no one could form permanent relationships on board during a mission. This helped to prevent fights, promote cooperation and bonding. Males were given a pill that makes the tails fall off their sperm. It sounds bad but they have another pill that puts them back on if you want. The pills cost A LOT but they pay and you have to take them to be on the ship.

It being my day off, I was standing in one of the rec rooms looking out at the nebula. You would not believe what it looks like, so big and so much color against the black loneliness of space. Standing next to me was one of the best looking women on the ship. You would think that after 8 months out here that you would get to know every one too well but because of careful time off schedules and rotations of jobs you end up not seeing most of the other people most of the time. I had not seen Jeena in about 2 months and I missed the soft way I felt when I stood next to her. She seemed off in her own world when all of a sudden she turned to me and said, Would you please come back to my room and give me a massage? I heard that you were one of the best on the ship. I was shocked! I had thought about asking her on a date but never thought that she would pick me over all the others. Goes to show that being good at massage is one of the best skills you could ever have. Of course, I said yes and we started down towards the front end of the ship where her room was.

Everyone on the ship was given a large budget for room decorations to help keep him or her sane. Her room looked like an ancient Indian haremís lair. There was a large circular bed that appeared to be sunken into the floor. It had lots of very decorative pillows and soft furs. All around the bed were very light and soft scarf-like drapes that hung from the ceiling to the floor in layers. The drapes wafted in the warm humid breezes that seemed to come from different places every few minutes. It smelled of oranges and cinnamon and some fragrant flowers, maybe from the beautiful plants that were tastefully placed and hung. Off to the edges I could see doors to other rooms.

As we entered the room the door shut and sealed. They all do that in case of a hull breach and for climate control; people from all over the globe work on these ships. Jeena was tall and thin with lots of curves and muscles in all the right places. Her skin was a dark golden tan color you might see on a Polynesian. Her hair was short, full, and a deep dark red with lots of blond streaks, looking like some sort of tiger. Her face had the look of a Greek from one of the ancient vases. Watching her walk as she put on a silk floor length robe, I could see her muscles moving, cat-like under the cloth. Her breasts were not very big but had just the right shape and I could easily see her nipples under the light cloth. As she moved to the edge of the bed, I kept getting flashes of her long legs and thighs. Once she got to the edge, she knelt down and removed a small cloth bag out of a little wooden cabinet. She then got down on all fours opened the front of the robe and crawled out to the center of the bed. All I could see of her was her ass working under the light cloth. Thinking of the open robe and knowing what must be under there, I kept hoping to see more but she never let the cloth reveal her. Once she got there she opened the front of the robe and lay down on her stomach, never showing anything more, just like the women on the beach who take off there bikini tops but never flash a thing. Then she looked at me and said, Arenít you coming out? Please take off all your clothing but your boxers. I do not want feel like the only one here without full dress.

So I took off everything revealing a strong muscular body. I was always about 1.6 meters tall but the muscles had come from being on a ship with nothing much to do but go to the gym and lift weights. All of us did it and it showed. I loved the way my body felt with the new strength and stamina. It even seemed to help with my sex life, as I no longer got tired after only one orgasm. Feeling my power and seeing her lying in the middle of this wonderland, my penis started to rise making a small tent of my boxers. To cover it for the time being, as I still did not know fully what she had in mind, I got down and crawled out to her. She laughed at my efforts to cover but then she said, Donít worry about it, I love the way it looks and I feel honored that you reacted so swiftly to me. Come and open the bag. I took the bag and opened it. It had oil, a hand towel, and a small bottle of something else. I was not sure what it was. I asked her if I could remove the robe from her and start the massage. She said, Of course. I canít wait to feel your hands on my body. Iíve had mopping duty all this week and my crew chief wanted to beat the record of 75 rooms in a week set by last weeks chief. We did it but my back really needs a good rub!

I took off the robe and looked down at her body. Her back looked strong and sexy with a thin waist and a very shapely butt. I poured the oil into my hands to warm it so that it would not shock her. It smelled good like pine and olive oil. Then I started to massage her. Rubbing the oil on her back, I could feel the tense muscles relaxing. I began kneading the muscles near her spine; starting at the top and rubbing large circles that passed close to the edge of her back, letting my finders slide over her sides. Working my way down to the small of her back, I undid the knots of muscle. Not knowing how she would react I slowly started letting my hands drop a bit farther down with each circle until I found my hands rubbing the top of her butt. This really got my heart pumping as I thought of what might come. As I started to think that maybe I had gone too far she let out a low moan and spread her thighs a little bit. Now I could see the mound of her lips. They looked very full and I knew that she was starting to get wet. Taking care not to change the rhythm of what I was doing I started to work fully on the muscles of her butt and thighs; letting my hands work slowly down the insides of her thighs and up towards her pussy lips. Rubbing the soft flesh of her inner thighs I could feel my erection getting hot and very hard as it pressed against my boxers. Jeena, feeling how close my fingers were to her pussy began to roll her ass slowly against the bed, wanting it more and more. I slowly ran my fingers up her leg and pressed them against her lips as she lifted her ass in the air begging for more. I slid my fingers up and down her slit getting them wet with her musky sent, sending waves of pleasure through her body. I could feel the hot silky smoothness as I flicked my fingers over her clit and down to the wet opening of her love. She in reaction turned her head to look back at me and softly breathed GOD that feels so good, please keep going. I popped my fingers into her and she let out a loud low grown and pressed back pushing her hands out in front of her to get more leverage. I slowly slid in and out of her with one hand while using the other to rouse her clit every few strokes, teasing her and bringing her higher. Hearing her breathing getting faster and her pushing getting more insistent, I turned my attention to her G spot, sending her into a state of total desire.† I could feel the muscles of her vagina getting tight on my fingers as I worked her G spot and clit. I impatiently watched her as she started her orgasm, wanting to feel me in her but I planned to draw out her pleasure for at least half an hour first.

After she had started to come down from her long round of pleasure she rolled over and said, Now itís your turn. This being the first time I had seen her front without at least a robe on it, she took my breath away. After watching her coming for that long all I could think about was how good it was going to feel to lie on top of those great breasts and kiss her as I slid my cock between her soaking wet pussy lips. It had been almost 10 days since I had had someone in bed with me and then it was just a quickly between shifts. Hot, but nothing to e-mail home about.

As I moved to get on top of her she got an evil grin and said, Not so fast, now itís your turn to feel like the whole galaxy is exploding in your head. Not knowing what she wanted I just froze and she got up on her knees and grabbed the other bottle and pushed me over onto my back, pulling off my boxers. I lay there feeling a bit hurt that I did not get to pump her yet. I did not have to feel that way for long though.† She took the bottle and started to pour something warm and thick onto my nipples and then onto the head of my cock. Next, she rubbed the stuff into my nipples.† It was so thick that it really turned me on as her fingers tugged at my skin as she ran them around my nipples. Then she placed a finger to her lips and seductively licked it off. She then placed the other finger on my lips. At first, I did not open my mouth but seeing her lick it I decided to try it. It tasted good and sweet and then I realized it was honey. Out here, you never get honey.† It is very rare even on earth because of all the pollution and the small amount of wild land left for the bees to collect from. It used to be that they could work farmersí fields but nowadays all the plants are engineered to be poisonous to bugs and it kills the bees.

;Next she bent over me and rubbed her nipples in the honey on my chest and then offered them to my mouth. As I reached up to her, she grabbed my hands and pressed them down shaking her head no. I was so hot that I almost ignored her command but I wanted to come back in the future so I did as she asked. If I had not been so hot I would have never thought of not doing it. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and felt her body shudder with a post orgasmic shock wave. She tasted salty and sweet with the honey. I sucked her till the sweet was gone and then moved on to the next one. It was as great as the first and I could see that she was getting hot again from my sucking. As I finished she started kissing her way down my chest stopping to bite a nipple on the way. It hurt but as she did it she ran a finger over the head of my cock making the pain turn to pleasure. Down she went and when she got to my cock she just lowered her lips till they were over it and she looked up at me and smiled. She looked so sexy with her butt in the air and her nipples brushing the tops of my legs and her lips about to close over my dick that I raised my hips up trying to get her to take it. She just looked at it and then at me. I was going crazy with desire. Then she started to move away from it and I thought that she had something else in mind. Just as that thought hit she grabbed the base of my cock and drove it all the way into her mouth. I could feel the head of my cock going down her throat. I started to cum from the shock of it but she increased the grip around the base of my cock and started to also encircle my balls and pull them downward. This stopped me from cuming and at the same time, she began to really go at the head of my cock with her lips and mouth. I grabbed the bed, as the feeling was so intense that it was almost but not quiet pain. After some time of this, all I could think about was the head of my Dick and not even what was in the room or who. Just when I thought that I might be about to go insane she let go and crawled over me, my chest was pounding and my breathing was ragged but the feeling of coming was gone. She got up on her feet squatting over me and grabbed my cock with her hand. Then she lowered her dripping hot pussy over my aching Dick After all the pain-like pleasure, the contrast to her pussy was almost like heaven. She felt very warm and very silky like a soft rabbit feels on your lips, only with the bonus of sexual pleasure. As I looked up at her, she started to play with her nipples and bounce up and down on my cock, throwing her head back and moaning in pleasure and contracting her vaginal muscles on my cock. After about five minutes of this, I was on the edge and I needed to control the outcome of the explosion that was coming. I reached up and pulled her on top of me, and rolled over feeling the pulsing of her pussy. In desperation for release I started pounding into her, she yelled out, Faster, fuck me now! I was over the edge I could feel the hot cum rushing into my cock. As it did she started to thrash under me, her vaginal muscles pulsing in time to mine. She was yelling and shaking but all I could think about was pumping her and feeling wave after wave of pleasure racing from my cock to my toes and back to the base of my neck. Finally, the waves died out like the ripple of a rock thrown into a clear lake and we just lay there staring into each othersí eyes.

Wow, she breathed, that was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. We have to get together again, and soon! Yes, I agreed. After some time I slipped out of her, feeling my hot limp member slide over her mound, sending one last shiver through both of us. Laying there, arms and legs wrapped around each other we went to sleep. I woke up the next day, got ready for work and kissed her good-bye, telling her how great it was and how wonderful I felt. One of these days I will find her again and we can see how she likes it slow and romantic.

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